Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Roosevelt -- Restaurant Review

The Roosevelt, located at 623 N. 25th Street in Richmond, VA, and nestled in one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, is definitely a new Richmond restaurant you should check out, people. Now, we went for Sunday Brunch, and good gravy! This Southern Charm is sure to impress. Go whole hog, y'all!

The Roosevelt is co-owned by Kendra Feather and Chef, Lee Gregory (no relation to me). When you walk in, you immediately feel like you have walked into a southern, quaint room. Yes, I said room. You can definitely throw a rock in this place. I think there are about 12-14 tables in this plantation-like establishment. My husband loved the old-time photography that adorns the walls. He instantly became very ecstatic about giving me a "Virginia history lesson" as we sat there that Sunday afternoon. I, being from Texas and quite frankly never being interested in history, actually did listen. With full ears, too. For me, the black chandelier, over the bar area, kept catching my eye as it solidified the whole ambiance of this fabulous restaurant. The walls are lined with wooden booths with throw pillows for table seating. The other side of the tables have simple wooden chairs. There is also seating nestled in the middle of the wall-lined tables. The bar probably had about 10 seats, as well.

So, we ordered our drinks. Me, a Bacon Vodka Bloody Mary and my husband, coffee. Yes, that is right. B-A-C-O-N Vodka. House-made Bacon Vodka, at that! Now, I am NO fan of bloody marys that make you feel as if you are sipping soup through a straw. This cocktail was perfect! It was blameless, actually. So blameless that my husband pushed the coffee aside to order one himself.

So, we looked over the menu and I ordered the fried chicken thigh (I am a thigh girl in more ways than one) with cast iron potatoes, a slow cooked egg and sausage gravy. I also had to order the side of cornbread with the vanilla butter. Of course! Misplaced Texan is the name here! ;) My husband ordered the fried oyster omelet with a bacon hollandaise.

As we waited for our food, that is where the history lesson was professed and after the quick teaching from my husband, I began to people watch. The couple next to us were talking about how they were getting married and moving in with each other in May. I think. It was odd. They mostly talked about the fact they both knew they needed a washer and dryer. And this was where I shook my head. You ready for it? She spoke of her laundry skills, or something of the sort, and then he actually proceeded to say, "Yeah, it'll be nice to have you around." Oh my. That was all I could eavesdrop in on that one! I was there for the food, not to hear some man say some crap like that to some young girl. Ha!

Additionally, one of the tables that lined the middle of the room was a four-top, and it was sat with 2 young couples. I swear one of the young men at that table was having a 20 minute food-gasm over the bacon. Wow! He was in total ecstasy. Eyes closed, head leaned back and all. Damn, Chef Gregory! I hadn't even indulged in any of the food yet, and I was seeing eyes roll in the back of some blonde, yuppie dude's head in the middle of your restaurant as he professed his love for your another dude. OK, maybe we should just go back to the history lesson? But in all reality, that is Richmond. There are all walks of life, and whether it is washers & dryers or each his own.

Now, back to the food. Unfortunately, my husband had to change his order because they ran out of oysters that day. That kind of broke my heart, too. I was excited to steal one off his plate and then still be able to eat my fried chicken thigh on my own plate! Best of both my favorite worlds! Reluctantly, my husband changed his order to the Brunch special for that day; potato, mushroom, sausage hash with two slow cooked eggs and topped with a salsa verde. Soon after, our food arrived and yes, I had to stare for a bit. Stunning! My egg was staring at me with pure allurement. I couldn't wait.

We dined and damn, that was some scrumptious stuff, I tell ya! As my Oklahoman Grandpa would say, "That's some good grazin'!" My fried chicken thigh was like "O.M.G." Moist and the crispiness and lightness of the fried crust was phenomenal! The potatoes were seasoned well and I was happy for that. The gravy was a little more runny for this Texan (wasn't made for a fork by any means at all), so in the back of my mind, I knew I had that cornbread to try and sop up what was left at the end.

My husband's dish was wonderful. He did feel like it was a little skimpy for him, being all manly and such, and it was different in size than mine, but he enjoyed every last bite.

Now, for the cornbread. Sorry. It was dry. Maybe if it was warmed up it would have been a little more moist, but I couldn't even sop up the gravy due to the dryness/crumbling. The vanilla butter tasted like frosting. It was an interesting combination. I might have enjoyed it a little more had it not been so dry, but I just might be a picky Texan.

Since my husband was left with a hankerin' for a tad bit more, we ordered the coffee cake at the end of our meal. Wonderful! No dryness there. Super moist and a perfect wrap up to an almost flawless experience. I was only going to have a bite, but a bite turned into just a few more. 

I encourage you to go! For real. If it is for dinner, you better make reservations. They take them by phone only (804.658.1935), and it's best to do so after 4 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and cannot wait to head there for dinner soon! Love me some southern food! I felt the food was greatly priced and they even had humor while ringing it up... Thank you, Kendra and Lee for a remarkable Richmond restaurant. I know 2012 will be great for you!

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