Monday, October 3, 2011

Blue Goat Virginia -- Restaurant Review

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I decided to check out the new Blue Goat restaurant, located on Grove Avenue, this weekend. We had 8 p.m. reservations. The restaurant is located in the old Peking building. The floor plan was nice and open and I loved the artwork of the goats hanging in the middle of the restaurant. It is considered a gastropub.  According to Wikipedia, a gastropub is simply defined as "a bar and restaurant that serves high-end beer and food."

We were sat immediately upon our arrival. We sat for awhile before a server came over to us, although he did acknowledge us and let us know he would be with us soon. He obviously was triple sat with us, a 2 top, and then two other 4 tops. So, I completely understood. We ordered our drinks, a Maker's and Coke and I got the Dirty Diana, which was Hornitos Tequila, Chambord, fresh lime juice, and ginger beer. It was really good.  I had three.  ;)  Fresh, sparkling, bubbly, not too sweet. It had a distinct flavor, but was a refreshing change.

For our first course, I ordered the house cured charcuterie board and my husband ordered the forest mushroom ragout with mascarpone polenta. The board was your typical set up, but served with olive tapenade and a fig relish. Our server did not go over what was on the board, but it was the typical salami, sausage and prosciutto. I enjoyed the mushroom ragout. It was a very earthy mushroom serving. My husband said it was a little too earthy for him, but I like the deep, rich flavors of mushrooms. The polenta was perfect.

We, then, ordered our entrees. He got the steak special. It was a TBone, cut in house from 30 day aged meat. A whole whopping 18 ounces! I ordered the daily shellfish collection, which was three different raw oysters and jumbo head on shrimp. It was served with three different sauces. I love mignonettes with my oysters, although this one had a lot of lemon in it and I prefer the more straight up vinegar base. The oysters were fresh and the shrimp were extremely tasty. Our server told me, "I don't know which are which, but here you go." So, I was not given the "tour" that you normally get when ordering different raw oysters. Now, for my husband's steak...we had to send it back. :( He started on it and within a few cuts, he could no longer cut the steak. It was full of gristle. I am a huge advocate of NOT returning food, but this really had to go back, especially at the $35 price tag that came along with it. The chef came over and completely understood as we showed him the issues. It happens with steak. Isn't anyone's real fault, just a freak piece of meat.  And it happen to hit our table. :(

We will definitely go back. If not for anything but some Dirty Diana. Prices range from $11-$18 for the small plates on the menu, with specials (i.e. the TBone) which can run closer to $40. I will give them a 3.5 stars out of 5. Only because of our freak incident and the service.  The front desk was extremely friendly.

Here is their DINNER MENU and their extensive LIBATION MENU -- Dirty Diana listed.

I only got a few pictures, and I only took my small point-and-shoot camera in as I didn't want to disturb too many. I would love to hear your stories if you have made the trip to the Blue Goat! What did you eat and drink?

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